In order to do the registration with, please follow the steps:
• Go to
• On the top right hand corner you will find “Free Business listing”
• Click on the link
• Fill in all the required information on the form displayed on the screen
• Ensure to fill all the details step by step at every page including company information, contact details, working hours, business information and products or services you deal in

Click Here For Free Business Listing

Normally it takes about 2 to 3 working days. First we verify your registration details and then your company is listed in the search results.

The normal process for accepting the registration and listing the company takes about 2 to 3 days and if in case it is not listed, there may be two reasons:
• Either there is some technical issue for which you can certainly contact the customer care department or the help desk
• Or there are chances that during the verification process the information filled during registration are found to be fake or incorrect. In such a case will not list your company and under no circumstances activate your account.

There are many benefits of listing your company with portal. Some of the key advantages that you can gain are:
• Post your products or services to classified listing for free
• Get easy search of potential buyers and inquiries from those buyers
• Easy to access buyer’s database
• Tremendously maximize your business exposure

It’s easy to browse potential buyers on the portal. You can simply click on the link “Buy Leads” at the top of the webpage. From there you will get a listing of buyers of all products and services listed with All you need to do is select the categories mentioned on the right hand panel to get a listing of potential buyers for your specified product or service.

search and contact suppliers or products

Yes you can search and contact suppliers, services or products at B2B House.

It’s simple! All you need to do is go to and type the name of the supplier. If in case you are looking for a list of suppliers for a specified product or service, then type the product or service in the search box. If in case you are looking for products and services in a specified city or location, then in the search box enter the location details along with the name of the products or services. After you type the desired details in the search box, press enter or click on the search icon available next to the search box. You will get a list of suppliers as per your search requirements.

 how can I contact the supplier

From the list you get after your search, you will get two click buttons after each supplier, View Details and Send Enquiry. You can choose any option and get in touch with your desired supplier.

Yes you can get quick response. In that case it is advisable to mention your complete buy requirements in the enquiry form. You can even contact the supplier directly by accessing the information provided by clicking the Contact Details icon.

Yes, B2B House can assist you with all possible help and support you need for your buying requirements. All you need to do is contact our customer care or write an email to our help desk and we will get back to you shortest possible time with your relevant results.

No, B2B House is not to be held liable for any low quality product or service. We are just a platform to connect buyer and suppliers but rest is all based on your personal level of communication. B2B House is not to be held responsible for fake products and deceptive suppliers.

In that case all B2B House can do is provide you a list of other suppliers for your required product or service. However, we cannot impel any supplier to respond or get in touch with you. We just act as a link and are not directly associated with any supplier.

However, B2B House does not guarantee the product or service quality under any circumstance but we do take initiatives if the supplier fails to meet customer expectations. We cannot assure the product or service delivery but we can help you with other suppliers from the same business background.