b2bHouse.com provides a comprehensive online platform where buyers and sellers across the globe connect and collaborate with each other. The B2B marketplace is accessed through a user-friendly and business effective website that drives business expansion. However, there are certain terms and conditions to be followed while connecting with this global business network.

Know Our Terms and Conditions

  • We are merely a global platform where buyers and sellers connect or interact with each other for promotion, trade leads or online exchange of information. However, we are not involved in any type of online sale, offline delivery, joint venture, business agreement or any other type of business transaction.
  • We work abiding to all legal formalities and government rules that apply to running an online business entity. Further to this, we hope and expect or individuals or business entities using the website should be legally authorized to sell their products or services. Please ensure to follow legal rules and regulations of running a business in your respective countries.
  • We have no partners sharing the legal rights or intellectual property rights of the website. We are the sole owner of the all the content and license of this website. Furthermore, we hold the copyright to all the content including website design, web pages, text, images, database, directories and other displays. Using or downloading this content for personal use is prohibited without permission from the legal department of b2bHouse.com
  • We can change the content or any service at any period of time without any consent from any member using the website. However, we would convey the changes through mail to all the listed members. Further to this, we are not responsible if any of the change in service is not favorable to any particular member or business entity.
  • We are not liable or responsible for any information shared on our website by our members. The details about the products or services, accuracy or quality of the products or services, any missing details, errors or any kind of omissions is all being taken care by individual members of the website. For any damage or loss to any buyer who connected with the seller through the website, we are not held responsible.
  • For any misuse of our information or to disobey our rights in any manner, we reserve to take legal actions against the guilty member or terminate the account of the user. No action that in any way can be harmful to the business or interest of b2bHouse is also taken care with legal action against the user.
  • The sub-domains or URLs that we assign to the users of our website, whether paid or free, is also the sole ownership of B2B House. We hold the right and authorization to suspend edit or restrict access. In such cases we are not liable or answerable to any member for any loss, damage or business disturbance.
  • Most of the content and services are available for free. You can list your business for free but for extended features and services in order to have better business promotion, you need to register for paid services. Paid services include a number of features inclusive of trade leads, efficient selling, first page listing and several others benefits to enjoy.
  • All the data that users share on our website are governed under high protection system. Under any circumstances we do not share your personal information with any third party. However, if it is required under any scenario, we take prior permission and no information is leaked without your consent.
  • Users can post or edit any kind of information listed under their section. However, we request you to put accurate and true information so that no user is misguided. Furthermore, there should not be any fraudulent information, fraudulent offers or any kind of illegal activities just for the sake of business promotion. We are here to help buyers and sellers interact with each other under a safe, true and secure environment; so we prefer truthfulness and transparency is all aspects.
  • No content should include any piece of information that is obscene, unlawfully frightening, violating business laws, or unauthorized advertisements. All these pieces of content will be removed with immediate effect and a strict legal action to be taken against the specified user.
  • Under any circumstances we shall not be held liable for any delay or failure of services accessed through our website. Any internet failure or natural calamities may hinder the services and performance of the website. Further to that, if required we shall terminate the services without any liabilities.
  • All calls, messages and agreements made with b2bHouse are extremely confidential.

We request you to stay attuned to all our terms and conditions for flawless and convenient business operations.